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I was born and raised in Germany and became introduced to training horses by Hartmut Keuchel, a European champion in reining and working cow horse. His knowledge and approach got me started in the field.

I moved to Ireland and lived there for four years where I continued to work with horses. Then in 2000, I came to the United States and began working at training facilities and ranches with several reining and cow horse trainers in Arizona, Minnesota, Oregon and Idaho.

I gained great knowledge from trainers such as Ben Below, Monty Bruce and Jeremy Meddor.

I have now been training horses full-time for the last twelve years. I show in reining and was one of the contestants at the 2008 horse affair, and one of the featured clinicians at the 2012 and 2013 Idaho horse expo.

I give horsemanship clinics in the US and in Germany. My goal is to train horses to their full potential, being willing and respectful without frustrating them. I believe in laying a good foundation, gaining body control, bringing them along in their training for reining, cow work, trail,roping, etc.

I enjoy giving lessons to adults and kids as well as showing and teaching at clinics helping people learn to train their own horses, showing them how the horse can better preform and do its best as they appreciate a well broke horse with good manners. Consistency and repetition will bring consistent results.

It is important to me to have a balanced training program to keep a horse soft and fresh teaching with patience and having a good attitude towards the animal recognizing it's strengths and weaknesses.

By being a good leader, training becomes better and the horse will cooperate and perform to its ability.

Henry Nabel 

Nabel Horse Training  |  208-922-8245  |   [email protected]